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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Re-heating Rice

I learned how to properly cook rice when I was still in the elementary. I can cook rice using a gas stove or over fire using firewoods. And of course, the easiest is cooking rice using an electric rice cooker.

I bought my first microwave oven more than 15 years ago. The microwave that I have now is the Nth unit I have owned. But I just learned less than two years ago that I can use a microwave in re-heating left over rice too.

Yes! Call me an idiot but I didn't know that I can re-heat left over rice in the microwave! And where did I learn this stuff from? Of all places - in Chicago, USA.

During my four-month US tour (with my husband visiting about 14 States), we had a chance to stay with one of my cousins in Chicago. I saw her re-heat rice by putting the left over rice on the ceramic bowl, sprinkle it with water and pop it in the microwave for 1 minute and tadannnnnnnn.... warm rice that tasted like a freshly cooked rice! And I go "ah... I never knew that this can also be done....".

Well, yes, it can be done.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ran out of pillowcases?

It's always very relaxing to sleep on a soft pillow covered with a fresh pillowcase.However, there are times when we cannot help it but ran out of fresh and clean pillowcases. I sometimes do.

But I found a way to solve the problem. If every I ran out of fresh pillowcases, I grab a clean t-shirt from the drawer and woalahhhh! I got an instant pillow case!